• Every child seeking admission must be introduced in person by at least one parent or any one (guardian) who will be responsible to the school Authorities for his / her conduct.
  • A Student who has attended any recognised School cannot be admitted without a Leaving Certificate from the Schoo, he / she has last attended. If he / she comes from School outside the State of Goa the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Educational Officer of the State / District in which that School is situated or by anyone duly Authorised.

NOTE : Prescribed procedure will be followed to admit any student from any other country.

  • At the time of admission an official Birth Certificate will be required if he/she joins School fresh from home and the prescribed procedure will be applicable to if the Student seeks admission to any Standard other than Std. I as per age.
  • All request for leaving Certificate should be ,made in writing by the respective Parent or Guardian with due notice of at least one month.
  • If a Student leaves the School during the academic year he/she will be charged fees up to the month he/she has attended the School.