Adieu to Tr. Maria Joanes & Tr. Francesca Antao

A touching farewell was accorded to Tr. Maria Joanes and Tr. Francesca Antao by the Sisters, Teachers, Non-teaching and Support Staff.

The school hall was draped in striking peach exuberating joy and gratefulness.
The Sisters and the Staff members beaming with grateful feelings welcomed the retiring teachers along with their family members.

The celebration commenced with the Lighting of the Lamp followed by special prayers for the retiring
The farewell programme was spectacular. A specially composed song, a poem and a dance by the teachers was awesome. There were heartwarming speeches expressing love and gratitude for their dedicated services. Everyone present was
enthralled by the celebration.

The sisters paid glowing tributes to Tr. Maria Joanes and Tr. Francesca Antao for their inspiration and committed services and thanked them profusely for being their pillar of support at all times and adding peaceful colour of togetherness.

The virtual farewell by the staff and students was held on 19th April 2021.
The students from different classes expressed their profound sense of gratitude to Tr. Maria Joanes and
Tr. Francesca Antao. ‘May the retiring years be the best years of your life’.

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