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The Annual Sports Day with the theme ‘Celebrating Health and Happiness’ was held on 7th December 2018, at RaiaPanchayat ground at 3.30 p.m..

The Chief guest was  Dr.AgneloPinheiro, professor of Philosophy at the Rachol Seminary and  an ex-student of our school. The programme was scintillating . Our school band, the Champions in the State band competition 2018-2019 were in attendance, captured the hearts of the audience.

The highlight of the programme was the mosaic drill forming vibrant  patterns of various hues of fabrics.

The hearts melody (prayer dance) expressed deep gratitude to all who reach out to us in admiration.

The other items were Flag Fiesta, dancing trees, Fusion of Yoga and aerobics and the butterfly drill (K.G).

The various athletic events kept students active and alive.


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