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Artistic Skills On Display

Artistic Skills On Display

Fine works of art and craft with creative imagination such as flowers, paper bags, wall hangings, paintings, drawings, incredible creations of creativity and brilliance were on display.  Work experience products like the cloth bags, mops, key chains, flowers and mouth watering delicacies such as cakes, pizzas’, pan cakes and cookies  excluding valuable opportunities to develop- employability skills was exhibited on 3rd March 2020, at St.Thereza’s Convent High School, Raia.

The exhibition was inaugurated at the hands of Mrs.Julia Colaco, the P.T.A. Treasurer. The exhibits were open to students, parents and well wishers of the school.

Teachers painstakingly helped release the artistic/finger skills of the students. The creations crafted were impressive, gorgeous and directed towards a sustainable future.


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