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Festival of Ideas 2019 at St. Thereza’s

From 2 nd to 9 th April a fun week event
“ Education for life” filled our mind with creative strength.
“Reach out programme” a journey of love and compassion
“Subjectwise Projectst” displayed students innovative inspiration


“Celebration of Health and Happiness” was indeed awesome
“Hygiene and sanitation” makes our life wholesome
“School Fete” with variety stalls brought in laughter and fun
Talent and Culture meet on stage showcased talents.


“Festival of ideas” an enjoyable experience
Learn to be active, confident, co-operative and concerned citizens
Our positive act of kindness gave us utmost satisfaction
Students expressed their interpersonal intelligence


Students were groomed in the art of living and working together
Values, adjustments, leadership qualities , soft skills making life richer
A platform to explore different aspects of creativity to last forever.
Festival of ideas bonds and builds our character.


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