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Introducing Happiness study in our school curriculum

The New Year 2019 welcomed the study of Happiness in our school curriculum at St. Thereza’s Convent High School, Ganapoga Raia.
The above topic was introduced to the students by power point presentation held on 5th January 2019, conducted by Sr. Jennifer Crasto.
The need to introduce happiness study into the school curriculum was taken at the staff meeting reading the negative pulse among the students in order to boost their self-esteem and positive quotient. The students enjoyed the acronym of happiness through pictorial language.

Happiness is life’s simple moment’s celebration.
Always giving vent to positive vibration.
Pure thoughts leading to craft grateful creation
Pulling down barriers of hatred and negative stimulation.
In relationship sincere, transparent devoid of gratification.
Never nagging but sharing loves celestial emotion,
Enjoying God’sbounty through silence and meditation.
Surrendering to His will in complete submission.
Smiling as you share your love and compassion.


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