Lock down Teacher Enrichment Boosters

Master Trainer’s Training was the start to the Lockdown.
Training on effective planning for Achievement of learning outcome accepted without frown.
Sessions to prepare videos of lessons and upload on YouTube by Sir Canyton
Programme on how to post lessons on School App, teachers were eager to learn

Practical lessons to upload videos on YouTube was conducted in school
Webinar on Personal Adaptive Learning platform for Math/Science teachers, a wonderful tool
Capacity building programme enriched knowledge, skills, attitude to the full
Mental health awareness programme paved the way to kindness, sensitivity and to be cool

Programme on IT skills, Human Rights, Innovative way of teaching, Personal branding
Sessions on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation indeed enriching
Webinar on discussion and presentation of NEP was enlightening
Teachers busy on toes their knowledge skills and attitude updating

Webinar on Examination and Assessment Reforms led to serious study
Alternative Models of Education geared to new avenues, to duty
Curriculum Reforms, NCF and Pedagogy flowed new inputs to competency
Effective governance, standard setting and ECCE provided techniques to deal with students skillfully.

COVID- 19 awareness programme expressed varied preventive cautions
Webinar on NEP 2020 and its implication helped to gain new educational directions
Programme on NEP 2020 with reference to school our preference
Inputs during lockdown golden opportunity towards enrichment and reference.

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