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A day was devoted to ‘Unity in Diversity”

Many Religions, One Nation

A day was devoted to ‘Unity in Diversity”  aptly celebrated at St. Thereza’s Convent High School, Raia on 27th February 2020, with the Theme “Celebrate Peace and Harmony”

Three speakers belonging to  different faith expressed their mind on the  above topic and everyone was impressed.

Awareness was created on how Mahatma Gandhi,  the greatest preacher of peace the world has ever known, was inspired by different religions whose values he imbibed having  profound effect on his life.

He advocated never to use force or violence to achieve India’s goals. This  was beautifully conveyed to the students. The skit on Unity in Diversity” gave a powerful message of peace and harmony.

India with its pluralistic society, with different cultures and religions may always enjoy peace and harmony at all times.

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