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Sci – Fun week at St. Thereza’s

Science week was celebrated at St. Thereza’s Convent High School, Raia from 7th to 12th January 2019.

The following activities were conducted to enhance critical thinking and creativity.
Science Quiz was held for Stds. I to X.

On 9th January a skit displaying the theme ‘Save Trees” acted out dramatically was apt and expressive with meaningful message.

On 10th January 2019.. students were kept busy glued to their desks working on Science worksheets.

On 11th January 2019 students enjoyed flash board display with science themes.

On 12th January 2019, twenty eight B.Ed. trainees with their professor Dr.Neena George from G.V.M’s College of Education, Ponda presented classwise science projects with the help of L.C.D. projectors. Hands in experiments experience developed their skills in observation , interpretation and inquiry thus inculcating in them scientific temper and motivating their interest in science.

There was also common demonstration of various science projects for the Stds from V to X . The skeleton dance was impressive.
The programme was interactive and invited active student’s participation.
Students confirmed that science can be fun when done right.

Our thanks to Dr.Neena George and the B.Ed. trainees from G.V.M’s College, Ponda for sharing their scientific treasure with our students with Love and passion.


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